Construction Estimating Software Review


Why Use Construction Estimating Software?

When you compile a bid for a construction project, there are many things to consider. Whether it is a residential, industrial or governmental contract, you need to know that all your bases are covered. Missing details or overlooking key aspects of a job can cause you to either lose a bid entirely or underestimate costs, causing yourself bigger problems down the road.

Construction estimating software such as ProContractorMX, Estimation and Bid4Build simplifies the process of calculating the bottom line. The best construction estimators eliminate many common mistakes that could cost you thousands of dollars. Additionally, the software can track and compare the estimated cost with the actual cost during and after the job itself.

In this review, you'll find side-by-side comparisons of the ten best construction estimating software applications. You'll also be able to read detailed reviews of each product and articles relating to construction software, allowing you to make an educated estimating software purchasing decision.

Using construction-bidding software gives you a competitive advantage over other bidders. You'll be able to manage job costs as well as subcontractor bids, all while generating detailed and profitable bids. Construction estimators account for all aspects of construction, including equipment, labor and materials, so you won't find yourself blindsided by unforeseen costs.

Construction Estimating Software: What to Look For

Construction estimating software must be able to prepare and monitor outgoing bids efficiently and accurately. The best construction estimating software also gives you the ability to complete a number of other tasks that constitute the daily business functions of a busy contractor. Here are a few of the criteria we used to evaluate each estimating application:

Construction estimating software should have tools that will make your job easier. These include the ability to track job costs and bids, and to perform general office-management functions such as document preparation, purchase-order processing and archiving previous projects. It should also create invoices and perform some accounting tasks.

Good construction software will give you the flexibility you need to create bids for a variety of projects. It should also accept customized formulas and calculations, prepare reports, import national cost indexes, compare subcontractor and vendor quotes, and track jobs by divisions and sub-divisions.

Ease of Use
Construction estimating software manages many variables. It can be quite complex, but using the software should be as easy as possible. Good estimating applications are well organized and presented in a logical manner so that you can get the most out of them in a short amount of time.

High quality construction estimating software can seamlessly integrate with other third-party applications you may already be using. Integration with accounting software such as QuickBooks, CAD software, Microsoft Project and more will enable you to save time and money by consolidating your resources. Additionally, compatibility with mobile devices such as iPads and smartphones will allow you to update project information on the go.

Help & Support
Since this type of software involves many aspects, the manufacturer should provide tutorials, training classes or online demonstrations to help you learn how to utilize all of the features in a productive manner. Customer support should be readily available through a variety of means, and the support team should respond to your inquiries quickly and thoroughly.

Investing in construction management software will help increase your speed and accuracy in creating and presenting bids, and will ultimately add to your bottom line. While no estimating software application can guarantee that you'll win every bid, using estimating software can help you create the best bid possible.

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Side-By-Side Comparisons
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We've reviewed the top 10 Construction Estimating Software Programs.
Overall Rating
Ease of Use
Help & Support
Construction Unit & Composite Assemblies
Backup & Restore
Built-in Calculator & Conversion Program
Project Area & Phase Analysis
Centralized Cost Table
Full Reporting Capabilities
Custom Report Generator
Project Database
Customer Database
Vendor/Supplier Database
Importing/Exporting Item Cost Book
Standard and Custom Scales
Defined Crews for Labor and Equipment
Customizable Formulas
Summary by Division & Sub-Division
Password Protection
Subcontractor & Vendor Quote Comparison
Job Costing and Tracking
Change Order Processing
Scheduling System
Purchase Order System
Takeoff Digitizer
Ease of Use
Usability Score
Training Available
Online Demonstration
Microsoft Project
Mobile Compatibility
National Trade Database
Help & Support
Online Chat
System Requirements
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP
Mac OS
OUR SCORE 9.88/10
Make ProContractorMX your complete construction software solution for end-to-end control of critical business operations and seamless workflow - from takeoff and estimating through job cost accounting and project management, and ultimately for critical reporting and analysis. It's a flexible solution that you can grow into as your business needs change.
Our top reasons to choose ProContractorMX
All-In-One System
Completeness is the name of the game, and Maxwell has done an outstanding job at putting everything you need in a single application. They combine estimating, job cost accounting, and project management in a seamless system. One software solution from Maxwell Systems covers the entire project lifecycle, from bid to cash.
Friendly Interface
We found the interface to be intuitive and easy to navigate. The developers have done an excellent job of taking a seemingly complex task and making it easy. A comprehensive step-by-step manual is included with the application, which will help you get on your feet.
iPad App
Maxwell Systems has also developed an iPad app for ProContractorMX. This is great because it allows you to take everything with you to the job site, the hardware store, vendors and more for easy reference. Plus it allows for real-time updates with the home office, so everyone on your team is on the same page all the time.